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The State of the Union Address May Replace The Premiere of Lost

The president has Lost fans in a tizzy. It’s being reported that President Obama’s State of the Union Address may be moved to Feb. 2, the same night of the final season premiere of Lost.

The Washington Post is reporting that fans, who have already waited nearly five years to see the show’s biggest mysteries unravel, will have to wait even longer while Obama discusses health care and national security.

The President’s annual speech usually happens on a weeknight at 9 p.m. sometime in late January. The Networks had planned their schedules around news that the speech would take place Jan. 26.

Now, it looks like the White House may have moved the date to ensure the speech could include the health care reform package. The health care bill that passed on Christmas Eve is currently being fine tuned and Obama can only sign the bill and show it off when it is ratified. The later date gives the Pres some time to make it happen.

Fans are unhappy to say the least. Some have to taken to Twitter to express their anger over the date change. One even launched a Twitter attack under the hashtag #NoStateofUnionFeb2.

Variety seems to think the co-CEO of the agency that represents Lost’s executive producer, Carlton Cuse, should “fix this” by calling his brother, who just happens to works at the White House.

It seems some people (maybe most people) would rather try to figure out how Lost ends then try to figure out the new Healthcare bill.

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