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The last of “Lost” premieres February 2, 2010

The sixth and final season of Lost premieres on ABC February 2, 2010.  Although the show’s new time slot will occupy the 9-10PM Eastern block on Tuesday nights, the show’s February 2 return will be marked with a special three hours of Lost beginning at 8PM Eastern.  The first hour will be a recap of the events leading up to the sixth season, while the remaining two hours kick things off with the traditional extra-long first episode of the season.

Like Gilligan’s Island without the funny, the castaways of Lost have been trapped on the island for what seems like an eternity.  In TV-time, it’s been six years since J.J. Abrams’ action-adventure/mystery aired on ABC and in that time, Lost has made a heavy impact on how movies and television series are structured.  It’s large ensemble cast of characters (that expanded over the years) simultaneously drove the plot and their situation in conjunction with these unique personalities interacting with one another also defined the plot.  

Speaking of cast and characters, some long-absent faces will return for Season 6 for either guest appearances or something more substantial.  Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) is scheduled to come back for a few appearances as the deaceased Boone Carlyle.  Cynthia Watros will be back as fan-favorite shrink and “Tailie,” Libby.  And Harold Perrineau will return as Michael Dawson, who left the island in Season 2 with his gifted son, Walt.

While ABC would have liked the show to continue for ten years, they acquiesced to the show’s creative team to end Lost on their own terms rather than succumb to “The X-Files Syndrome” where a show squeaks out a last gasp rather than go out with a bang.  While the creators have acknowledged that not every mystery that has presented itself to the Lostaways will be solved, many will be resolved to fans’ (hopeful) satisfaction. 

Will we ever find out the mystery behind the four-toed foot statue fragment?  Who are/were Adam and Eve, the two male and female skeletons? Will young Walt’s special abilities and role within the past six seasons be revealed?  Tune in on Tuesday to see if any of these questions and countless others are answered in Lost‘s final season.

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