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Lost Season 5 Episode 7: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

lost3A man walks into an office and begins searching through files and folders with the Dharma logo and formulas on it. He also picks up a sawed-off shotgun that’s stuffed under the desk. Another woman enters and calls him byt he name of Caesar. Llana is her name, and she tells him they found a man standing in the water wearing a suit. Curious, they head out together.

As they cross through the jungle area, Llana points out that the man wasn’t one of those who vanished nor was he on the plane. They pass by a burned out airplane and continue to the beach where they meet the man. We of course recognize him right away. He’s John Locke, and he’s alive…sorta.

Locke takes off his shoes and looks at the bigger island in the distance. Locke says that he thinks he was going to be buried in the suit (duh) and that he remembers dying as well. He could be on a smaller “Hydra” station, but we’re not sure yet.

Then we flash to Locke in the room with the donkey wheel. Christian shephard is turning the wheel  and a bright white light flies throught he room. Christian then tells Locke to say hello to his son, and before he can ask who his son is, he’s enveloped in light and he finds himself in the desert during a hot day. His leg is busted and he’s in horrible pain, and there’s nothing there except a video camera pointed at him. Locke calls out for help, and as night falls headlights approach him. Four men jump out, grab him, and throw him in the back.

Locke is then taken to an old and busted hospital. A doctor comes in and gives him some pills and some gross looking water. They put a wood block in Locke’s mouth know where this is going. Let’s just say they realign the leg by jamming it back into place. They then rip the sheets into pieces and put them in the plaster to make a cast. Locke sees a man watching him from the shadows before he passes out.

Locke wakes up to see Charles Widmore, who explains that he was the Others’ leader. They protected the island peacefully but he was then exiled by Ben. Locke tells him that Ben is gone because he chose to leave. Widmore explains to Locke that the the ones who left have been back for three years now. Widmore then explains that they’ve gone on with their lives and none of them have told about the island. Locke wants to bring them back and Widmore agrees to help him since there will be a battle and they all have to be there for the “right” side to win.

Locke is assigned a protector and tries to convince the others to come back but they don’t seem very interested, and no one seems like his bodyguard Abbadon either. This works out since as he helps Locke into the car gunshots ring out and Abbadon is shot and killed. Locke then slams into an oncoming car trying to get away. Locke is taken to Jack’s hospital and wakes up with Jack there. He then explains to Jack that they have to go back, but he says no.

Locke gets released from the hotel and having failed to get the others to come back to the island considers suicide. A knock on the door reveals Benjamin Linus, who’s there to protect Locke. Ben killed Abbadon but warns Locke that Widmore is very dangerous.

After some chatting, Ben suddenly attacks Locke and uses the extension corde to choke him. After killing him, he hoists Locke’s body up on the noose. Some accident..

Flash to Hydra island. Locke finds Caesar back in the office looking for a folder. Locke goes on to explain that th elogo and the building are for the Dharma initiative. Caesar asks him to explain how the man with curly hair vanished as the plane went down. Locke says that everyone who didn’t vanish off the plane is accounted for. Caesar takes Locke to the makeshift infirmary and Locke finds Ben Linus there, battered and unconscious. Needless to say, Locke points out that this is his killer.

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