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Lost Season 5 Episode 11

lost1We start this weeks episode with Jin, who is slowly comingback to reality when he hears his radio saying the hostile escaped. Jin radios back that he was attacked and that the hostile is northbound. Jin then goes on to find Ben, who’s dying on the road after being shot. Back at the barracks, the fire is out, and Horace astutely points out that the fire was a diversion so the hostile could escape. Horace goes on to state that someone helped him, and it had to be someone on the inside. Roger and Kate are pulling the van out when Jin shows up and carries Ben inside. Roger rushes in as well.

Then we’re at three years ago. Kate pulls up to a house with her kid, and she carries him to the front door. Cassidy opens up and is very happy to see her, and she tells her that she saw the news reports involving her surviving the crash. She never expected to see Kate again, but Kate quickly explains that she was sent by Sawyer. She then tells Cassidy the truth about the crash and living on the island. Cassidy isn’t too pleased about hearing from Sawyer, and calls him a coward.

Back to the Dharma security station. Kate goes to Saqyer and asks if Sayid shot Ben. Sawyer basically tells her to shut the hell up, and doesn’t say anythign futher about it. Horace comes in and wants to know what she’s doing. Saqyer tells him that Kate works in the motor pool and he was inquiring if she saw anythign suspicious. She didn’t so she leaves. Horace and Sawyer investigate the cell and find the janitor’s keys hanging from the lock. That means one of the three janitors was somehow involved. In the infirmary Juliet is trying to save Ben, bu tno luck. Sawyer asks there the doctor is but he’s in the Looking Glass Station until Friday. Ben, unfortunately, needs a surgeon.

Miles has gotten jack, Kate, and Hurley and then put them on house arrest. Jack isn’t pleased but Kate points out that Sawyer’s just doing his job. Then Sawyer comes in and days if he doesn’t go with him Ben will die. Jack Refuses, saying he can’t change what happened and it has nothing to do with him. Javk said he saved Ben once, he won’t do it again, and that maybe the island is fixing things itself. Kate goes to the infirmary and says she’s ready to donate blood to Ben. Roger bursts in wants to know what’s going on. Even with the blood, however, Ben is going to die, unless….the Others can save him. Kate drives the van and puts Ben in the back.

Now we’re back at the marina parking lot. Kate finds out that Ben and Jack want to head back to the island. She calls them both nuts and leaves. Kate then pulls into a nearby grocery store and looks at her cell phone (it is Jack) and when she looks up, Aaron is gone. Kate rushes though the aisles but sees nothing, but she sees him heading out holding hands with a woman. Kate rushes after them thinking Claire has him but it is just some lady who thought he was lost. Kate thanks the woman and they leave.

Back at the island again Kate drives up to the pylons. Sawyer pulls up behind her and lets her know he’s there to help. At Jack’s house, Juliet tells Jack they’re trying to save Ben because they care, and Jack fires back that he’s trying to save them. Jack says he was supposed to come back, and Julliet asks to do what? He doesn’t know. Sawyer is carrying Ben through the jungle and Kate tells him she saw Cassidy and Clementine and that Clementine looks like him. Sawyer says it never would have worked out. Then they’re surrounded by Others, since they’re violating the truce. Sawyer says he knows that but he wants to talk to Richard Alpert.

One flashy screen later and we’re at a motel near LAX and Kate knocks on the door. Claire’s mom Carole answers. Kate tells her everything, that Aaron is her grandson and Claire is still alive. Kate says the rescue was a lie and that Claire disappeared on the island and she lied to protect everyone. Kate then explains she’s going to find Claire. POOF again and we’re on the island where the Others take Kate, Sawyer and Ben to Alpert. Sawyer says he was shot and they want Alpert to help. Alpert says if he does help Ben won’t be the same. He’ll be one of them from there out. POOF again and we’re at Hydra island on the infirmary where John Locke sits besides Ben and Ben wakes up.

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