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Lost Season 5 Episode 10


So I’m finally caught up again with Lost after slacking this past week, and we’re into last ngiht’s episode “He’s Our You.” As I mentioned yesterday, we found a young Ben Linus, who in this episode tells Sayid that he met Richard Alpert and then goes on to offer his help in getting Sayid to escape.

Before heading back to the island, Sayid kills a man in Moscow for Ben. The two then head out on their separate ways as Ben is convinced that no one left in Widmore’s organization that could possibly be a threat (sure sure). Back on the island again, Sawyer tries to persuade Sayid to keep on going with the lie he originally told but Sayid doesn’t want to.

The young Ben Linus comes to give Sayid a sandwich, and Sayid sees that the kid is frightened to death of his father. Back in Santo Domingo, adult Ben Linus finds Sayid and tells him that his friends are in danger and that he’s a killer. Sayid says what? No wai!

Back on the island again we see that several Dharma members are listening to Sayid discuss Oceanic 815, Ajira 316 and the Dharma stations. He tells them they’re gonna die and he knows since hey, he’s from the future. Unfortunately they’re skeptical

Sayid is at the marine after refusing to go back to the island with the gang and he goes to a bar to meet up with a woman named Ilana. After meeting her, she attacks him and pulls a gun on Sayid. She’s apparently there to take him to Guam at the request of a family of one of his victims when he was working with Ben. Ilana and Sayid both hop aboard Ajira flight 316, where they see Ben and the other Oceanic 6 people. Guam is out of the question.

Back on the island again, the Dharma members want to execute Sayid as a spy. Sawyer offers help, but Sayid isn’t interested. Then a burning Dharma bus runs into a building and young Ben Linus and Sayid escape out into the jungle amidst the chaos. Jin finds Sayid, but then Sayid knocks him out and takes his weapon. How does he thank young Ben? By shooting the kid.

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