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Lost Season 5 Episode 8 – LaFleur

lostWe’re back at the well in the jungle, watching eagerly while Saqyer observes Locke’s descent. Sawyer hears the hum beginning and knows that another flash is on the way. He tells Locke to hold on and the flash washes over them. Again, the well isn’t there anymore and the rope goes directly into the ground. Sawyer tries to dig it out, but no go, Locke is gone. They’ve gone to a time before the well existed, but as he’s observing the landscape, another hum begins.

This flash seems much more severe than the one before, much more violent. The ground drops out beneath them and the group is knocked over. This one actually shook the ground like an earthquake and Sawyer immediately notices the well has reappeared. He tries to rescue Locke but finds the well now filled with rocks. Juliet’s headache goes away and Miles is gone as well, and no more nosebleeds, either. They believe it’s Locke’s doing that the symptoms are no longer appearing.

Three years later, we’re in a room filled with electronics. Phil walks in and scolds a couple in the room, warning them that they’re on the clock. The woman notices that there’s a man out by the pylons, and it’s Horace Goodspeed, who’s blowing up trees. Jerry tells the woman to leave, and they decide to go wake up “LaFleur” who happens to be Sawyer.

Sawyer picks up Miles who’s also on the security team and they drive out to get Horace. He’s passed out and they take him home. Amy, his partner, tells them they had a fight, but then realizes she’s going to have her baby when she’s hit with contractions.

Three years earlier, Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Miles find Faraday in the jungle. He tells them that Charlotte died and the last flash made her body vanish. She moved on but they did not. As they’re talking through the jungle gunshots are heard. They follow the sound to find two others standing over a man and woman. The man is dead and the other is forcing a bag over the woman’s head. Sawyer goes to help, and Juliet shoots one of the Others. Sawyer shoots the other…Other? The woman asks who they are but Amy wants to bury the bodies because it’ll break the truce.

Amy leads the way back to the Dharma barracks and upon reaching the pylons the ask Amy to turn the fence off. Sawyer says they just saved Amy’s life and hid the bodies, so she agrees. Amy then turns off the fence, or so we thought. Turns out she didn’t, and they’re all knocked out except Amy, who tricked them.

Three years forward again, Sawyer is helping Amy to the infirmary. Turns out that Amy needs surgery and Sawyer tries to get Juliet to help but she claims it would break their agreement. Every time she tried to help a woman on the island give birth, the woman died. Turns out that this isn’t the case this time, as Juliet says Amy and the baby are fine.

Three years later and Sawyer walks into his house. He picks a flower and meets Juliet who is fixing dinner. She says she loves him and he returns her love. Horace wakes up and he’s hungover, where Sawyer tells him Amy had the baby. Horace then points out that he found Paul’s ankh in the back drawer. He’s mad about it, but Sawyer consoles him.

Sawyer and Juliet are woken up by their phone ringing. Jin is on the other end of the line and he’s shocked to hear that Jin wants hom to meet in the North Valley. Sawyer runs out and drives out to the meeting point. Jin drives up in the van, out steps Hurley. The last person out is Kate. She sees him and smiles, and that’s where we end!

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