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Lost Season 05 Episode 09

lost1So I didn’t get a chance to recap the latest Lost episode last week, so we’ll go over it now and keep upcoming recaps a bit more timely.  Important parts of the episode involve Lapidus crash landing Ajia flight 316 on the Hydra island, which if you recall is located off the shore of the main one where the series began. Ben and Sun are on the plane, but Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid have all gone missing.

We do see Sawyer greeting Jack, Kate and Hurley, who informs them that they’re in 1977. Jin heads to see if anyone from the Dharma Initiative witnessed the plane crashing down and wants to find Sun. Unfortunately she doesn’t, but she does find Sayid. Another member of the Initiative is there, however, and Jin is forced to take Sayid prisoner as he’s considered a hostile. Meanwhile Sun and Ben head toward some outriggers so they can make their way to the main island, with Lapidus following behind.

Sawyer and Juliet make Kate, Jack, and Hurley appear to be new recruits and as such they get their own job and living space. Sawyer also finds Sayid, and instructs him to lie and say he’s one of the Others. He agrees to do so, and gets placed in a holding cell. Then we find Sun, who knocks Ben out and she and Lapidus make their way to the main island. They arrive, and Christian Shephard shows up and gives them a picture of the new Dharma crew from 1977. Naturally, they find Kate and Hurley and Jack in the picture.

Jack confronts Saqyer and finds out that he and Juliet are a couple. He wants to take action, but Sawyer persuades him to think it all out first. A boy brings Sayid something to eat and when they exchange names, it turns out he’s a young Ben Linus.

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